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Case Studies

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Eczema and Psoriasis
Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners say the reason for eczema is due to poison accumulating in the body. These practitioners also call it dampness and heat. With psoriasis poison and very bad heat are together retained deeply in the blood. However, the wrong diet, plus poor condition of digestive and immunity systems may be the main reason for the condition. The High View Chinese Medical Clinic would first look at the way to clear out the poison. The speed of this varies from person to person. Together with this, the clinic focuses on regulating the person's constitution. This should completely clear up the complaint. Mr X had suffered psoriasis in large areas of the body for many years. Previously he had attended several clinics and received treatments without satisfactory results. With treatment at the High View Chinese Medical Clinic, his condition has improved each week and the poison has almost disappeared. It was the same with Miss Y. Since she was a child, her eczema has given her a very bad time. Even when she had herbal treatment, quite recently, the effect was spasmodic. After High View treatment her eczema completely disappeared and her skin condition has been greatly changed for the better. Miss Y is still carrying on with the treatment so as to build up her digestive and immunity system for a more stable condition.

Treatment of Low Back Pain with Chinese Medicine
1. Acute low back pain
Acute lower back pain often caused by injure when lifting heavy objects with improper body position. The pain is considered as the blockage of Qi and blood circulation in local muscle and tender in Traditional Chinese Medicine (T.C.M.). Acupuncture and cupping therapy may release the pain straight away. However, the pain may develop into chronic pain if acute pain was not treated properly.

2. Chronic low back pain.
Chronic pain may associate with different types of sickness, e.g. spinal problem (sciatica, slipped disk), gynaecology sickness (such as menopause, period problem), and renal problems, etc. From T.C.M. point of view, low back pain is often caused by kidney energy deficiency no matter what its origin is. It has to use kidney's physiology and pathology theories of the T.C.M. to explain the causes. It also involves the function of the urinary, reproduction system and part of the endocrine and nervous system. In principle, the treatment aims to build up the function of kidney, regulate the blood circulation as well as treat the symptoms. Miss Keral, 32 years old, has suffered low back pain for 6-7 years. She also has heavy and painful period, lack energy etc. She did try different therapies of alternative medicine (including acupuncture), but it always was released temporarily when treated and then it came back. Being recommended by a friend, she came and consulted High View Chinese medical Clinic three month ago. She takes both acupuncture and herbal therapies to regulating her blood circulation and building up her kidney and blood energy for about two months. All her symptoms gradually faded away. Her back pain disappeared and her energies are recovered.

Treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Mr Smith, 52 years old, suffering from tiredness, poor sleeping for six months and had started to suffer from hay fever and lower back pain recently. He turned up to High View Chinese Medical Clinic. After a through consultation, doctor found his problem is caused by his long term (about 5 years') irritable bowel syndrome, which resulted in a poor digestive system. This has affected his immune system and kidney function. After treatment with herbal remedies and acupuncture for one month, he recovers from bowel and other symptom gradually fades away. Irritable bowel syndrome is a functional intestinal disorder in western medicine term. In clinical practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is often found as a result of improper diet, emotional stimulation or over fatigue. It can also be stimulated by cold or inflammation. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, this symptom is not an isolated problem. It is very much linked to patient's individual health conditions, such as Dampness and heat accumulated in the body, Liver Energy and blood stagnation, Spleen and Kidney energy deficiency and Essen and blood deficiency. It is important to note that no one has exactly same health condition to one other. Doctor will be able to give a correct diagnosis for each individual condition and give a prescription based on the principle of improvement of overall health conditions. The treatment is hence more effective and has little side effect. An early treatment will have better result and it also stops other complicated health problems to develop when you energy and blood circulation get exhausted. Our doctor in High View Chinese Clinic has the experience to diagnose to the bottom of your problem and give your right herbal prescription or acupuncture treatment and bring you a better quality of life.

Flu and Bronchitis with Chinese Medicine
Winter is approaching and flu is coming too. It makes many of us suffer from coughing, sore throats or even fever. It sometimes develops to bronchitis, a kind of infection of the respiratory tract, which causes persistent coughs.

Killing virus effectively
It is known that a virus causes flu. Many medical studies demonstrated that it is more effective to kill the virus using antibiotics along with herbal medicine. Combinations of herbal remedies with western medicine to treat flu patients have become popular method in the Far East. It has been practised in China for over 30 years. Antibiotics provides fast killing to virus and herbal medicine not only killing the virus, but also adjusts your body function and strengthens your body's immune system. It reduces the side effects of antibiotics. Highview Chinese Medical Clinic has developed different herbal mixture according different types of patients. It can treat many different individual condition which our doctor can diagnosis while seeing patients. It is rather important for patient to get early treatment, to avoid further the development of their condition, such as bronchitis, lung or heart problems.

Building up immune system
The time period for a flu patient to recover is different from patient to patient. Some takes days or weeks, some may take months. Even antibiotics cannot help very much. From Traditional Chinese Medical (T.C.M.) theory, poor immunity is to some extent due to deficiency in energy, blood etc., as well as poor blood circulation. This is a complicated phenomenon that in western medicine, with its often-pure chemicals, is difficult to tackle. While Chinese medicine with its nature remedies, purely organic in modern language, are much effective in improving immunity. It helps your body's immune system to fight against the virus and recover quicker from flu. Mrs Y, 70 years old, has been suffering from cough and a lot of phlegm for 3 months since she caught flu. She came to Highview Chinese Medical Clinic to seek help. She was diagnosed with Spleen and Stomach deficiency, from the Chinese medicine point of view, which results in poor immunity. After taking herbal medicine for one month, she completely recovered.

Migraine - treatment using Chinese Medicine
Migraines are a kind of disease that are very common, intractable and if suffered for a long time, can ruin your life. Some patients may have a genetic history. From the point of view of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), there is a saying that "all pain is caused by stagnation". According to patient's individual conditions, signs and the causes of migraines can be classified into the following:
1. Abnormal climatic factors.
2. Excessive amounts of liver yang.
3. Plemgh and dampness acclamatory.
4. Qi (energy) and blood stagnation
5. Qi and blood deficiency.
All of the above symptoms will block Qi and blood circulation, which is the cause of migraines. To get rid of migraines, it is important to find out what is causing the migraine, and cure it firstly - otherwise just relieving the pain is only temporary. At the High View Medical Clinic, the doctor has experience in the diagnosis and treatment of this problem, using herbal remedies and acupuncture - all of which the results are very satisfactory. Mrs X 45 years old has suffered migraines for 20 years and has had very bad migraines every month, especially around the time of her period. She has also felt that she had very little energy and suffered from insomnia. When she become stressed through maybe working hard or lack of sleep together with the change of weather her migraines got worse. According to TCM her problems are Qi, blood stagnation and blood deficiency. Mrs X was treated at the clinic with herbal remedies and acupuncture to regulate and build up her Qi and blood and also to relieve the pain, and over a period of time her illness has faded away. After 6 months, a follow up survey was carried out and she is keeping very well and maintains a healthy condition.