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Eczema & Psoriasis

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Eczema and psoriasis
Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners say the reason for eczema is due to poison accumulating in the body. These practitioners also call it dampness and heat. With psoriasis poison and very bad heat are together retained deeply in the blood. However, the wrong diet, plus poor condition of digestive and immunity systems may be the main reason for the condition. The High View Chinese Medical Clinic would first look at the way to clear out the poison. The speed of this varies from person to person. Together with this, the clinic focuses on regulating the person's constitution. This should completely clear up the complaint.

Mr X had suffered psoriasis in large areas of the body for many years. Previously he had attended several clinics and received treatments without satisfactory results. With treatment at the High View Chinese Medical Clinic, his condition has improved each week and the poison has almost disappeared.

It was the same with Miss Y. Since she was a child, her eczema had given her a very bad time. Even when she had herbal treatment, quite recently, the effect was periodic. After she received treatment from the High View Clinic her eczema completely disappeared and her skin condition has been greatly improved. Miss Y is still carrying on with the treatment to build up her digestive and immune system to stablize her condition further.