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Lower back pain

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Treatment of Low Back Pain with Chinese Medicine

1. Acute low back pain
Acute lower back pain often caused by injure when lifting heavy objects with improper body position. The pain is considered as the blockage of Qi and blood circulation in local muscle and tender in Traditional Chinese Medicine (T.C.M.). Acupuncture and cupping therapy may release the pain straight away. However, the pain may develop into chronic pain if acute pain was not treated properly.

2. Chronic low back pain.
Chronic pain may associate with different types of sickness, e.g. spinal problem (sciatica, slipped disk), gynaecology sickness (such as menopause, period problem), and renal problems, etc. From T.C.M. point of view, low back pain is often caused by kidney energy deficiency no matter what its origin is. It has to use kidney's physiology and pathology theories of the T.C.M. to explain the causes. It also involves the function of the urinary, reproduction system and part of the endocrine and nervous system. In principle, the treatment aims to build up the function of kidney, regulate the blood circulation as well as treat the symptoms.

Miss k, 32 years old, has suffered low back pain for 6-7 years. She also has heavy and painful period, lack energy etc. She did try different therapies of alternative medicine (including acupuncture), but it always was released temporarily when treated and then it came back. Being recommended by a friend, she came and consulted High View Chinese medical Clinic three month ago. She takes both acupuncture and herbal therapies to regulating her blood circulation and building up her kidney and blood energy for about two months. All her symptoms gradually faded away. Her back pain disappeared and her energies are recovered.