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The Theory
Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been practised over 2000 years in keeping a healthy body for mankind. It is a comprehensive medical system with its own diagnostic method and therapies.

TCM is a truly holistic & natural form of medicine and it aims at treating the whole body rather than just the symptoms. It emphasises the body as a whole, concentrating on strengthening the patient’s own immune system and corrects the imbalance of the internal organic, as a result improving general health conditions. Because of this it may take some time to notice the benefits. Although with some problems the effects could be very dramatic.

A diagnosis is made by taking the details of your problem and by careful examination, in particular of your tongue and wrist pulse.  The appearance of your tongue and our pulse reflects your overall body condition at the time of examination. It is the key stage for a TCM doctor to make diagnosis. Each of us may have a different colour, shape or coating of our tongues as well as over 100 different pulses. In order to arrive at a correct diagnosis, the skills and experience of your doctor is vitally important at this stage.