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Abnormal periods refer to the quantity, colour or cycle of the period, i.e. irregular, painful or heavy periods and/or PMS.

From the point of view of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), blood is more important in a woman than in a man.  If an abnormal periods last for a long time and is not corrected, it will affect the function quantity and circulation of the blood causing blood deficiency and blood stagnation, which would develop problems in other internal organs such as the heart, liver and kidneys.

The cause of abnormal periods can be for a number of reasons i.e. stress, over working, operation etc.

In TCM each kind of abnormal period can be distinguished to different types according to clinical symptoms. i.e. liver Qi blockage, blood deficiency or kidney deficiency all can cause heavy periods.  Treatment will vary for each problem diagnosed.

In the High View Chinese Medical Clinic, Doctor of TCM has many years of experience in diagnosing and treating these problems successfully.

Patients with different kinds of period problems have felt much healthier and stronger after receiving the correct treatment at this clinic.